After 30 days of inauguration of this administration, one could not help but ask if this government was actually ready for power. For it is one thing to contest for a position - which of course so many obscure people vied for several positions - but it is another thing to actually contest with the view to winning. In as much as the above statement would sound unfair, derogatory, and unwarranted to the majority of Mr. President’s supporters, it does not take away from the fact that Nigerians who massively voted the hyped “change” with the anticipation that President Muhammadu Buhari would work out the magic of transformation and rejuvenation of the state of affairs in the country are already disillusioned at the pace and style he is running his administration. It is in the light of the foregoing that one can assert without mincing words that our dance steps as a nation has not changed, and this is because the song being played has not changed.

Going down the memory lane with a view to analyzing the one month of Buhari’s stay in office as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - a position he long coveted and eventually got after twelve years of futile attempts - it suffice to say that Buhari is acting as though he anticipated another defeat at the 2015 general elections. He thought he will be rigged out as he always was, or better still, as he always alleged he was. Unfortunately for him, he met a gentleman at the polls who believed in transparency and justice, and thus accepted defeat even when he could have successfully rigged the election to his favour. That was the undoing of Buhari! He couldn’t make any further noise and just like a fish caught by a hook inside the river, it then dawned on him that he’ll be taking over the mantle of national leadership - an office he had severely criticized its holders for the past twelve years. Even at that, from the day election results were announced and he was declared as the president-elect, he still had the ample opportunity of strategizing how he intends to run his government. Alas! He never did.

On the contrary, Buhari began his expedition in search of solutions to Boko Haram and other issues after his inauguration. This goes to show that he never had a road map and a decisive plan on how to quell the Boko Haram terrorists - a situation which largely contributed to his victory at the polls. It was easy for him to criticize Jonathan and his strategies of fighting terrorism; it was easy for him to promise Nigerians that he will begin to end terrorism from the very day he was sworn in; but what is not easy for him is the real end to the reign of terror in Nigeria. With the number of people killed by Boko Haram after his assumption into office, the deadly sect not only dared his person, but his capabilities and efficiency. As a way of escape from realism, he resorted to our “collective will” as his strategy of putting an end to terrorism in Nigeria. Soon had he forgotten how he persistently despised the collective will sought from him by previous administration, and exploited same to his advantage during the polls. Besides, from his voyages to the different continents of the world, it appears it is not even our collective will that is most important to him.

Away from the insecurity bedeviling us as a nation to matters of governance proper, we cannot decipher why Buhari has chosen to run a one man show for the past one month by his sheer refusal to appoint the members of his cabinet. One thing he ignores is the fact that Nigeria is too big for one man - any man. This could probably be responsible for the slow pace at which his administration is being run for the past one month. Well, we shouldn’t hastily blame him as only the man who wears a shoe knows where it pinches. Notwithstanding, it is still inferable that his inability to appoint his cabinet can be seen as a microcosm of the cluelessness, rumbles and indecisiveness ongoing in his political party. This will no doubt affect his leadership since he will have to fight with the cabal that played a key role to his victory at the polls, or risk their wrath which is ferocious enough to cripple him. In any case, he is divided and needless to state; a divided house cannot stand for long.

“The country is in a mess“, that is what the presidency and the All Progressive Congress (APC) would always want to have us believe. We are not disputing that fact, but it is because we believe they are capable of cleaning the mess that was why we voted them into power. Now it is not the cleaning of the mess that we wanted within one month - as one month might be too short for that - but the indications and green light that after all is said and done, they are actually capable of cleaning it. There is a saying among the Hausa people of northern Nigeria that “juma’a mai kyau daga laraba a kan gane”. This when interpreted connotes that for a Friday that will be good, indications will be shown on a Thursday. For in just one month, we can predict which of our Governors are actually capable of creating an indelible mark in their states. Why then should the presidency be any different? At worst, we can attest that we have been here before and this was how it went: after thirty days they begged for hundred days; after hundred days they pleaded for one year; after one year they requested for four years; and after four years they craved for another tenure. Would history repeat itself again? Only time will tell!

Till then, we remain expectant and hopeful that Buhari will transform this country more than Jonathan ever did. As a matter of fact, even Jonathan should pray for nothing less. This is the spirit that should characterize every true Nigerian irrespective of party affiliation. It’s just that those persons who never allowed us any rest on the grounds that Buhari would swiftly and systematically turn things around and effect the “change” they voted in are already disillusioned. Thus, they have started to agree with Jonathan when he said that “Nigerians will begin to see that there is no difference between political parties because even as we see there is no difference between the PDP and the APC...both parties are almost the same”.

About the Author:
 Author Photo Bandawa writes from Abuja, Nigeria. You can follow on twitter @NBandawa