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Naija Dailies Blogger:
Parresia Publishers to Release "We Are All Biafrans By Chido Onumah"
Parresia Publishers Ltd and African Centre for Media and Information Literacy in partnership with Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation will on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, present to the public a new book, We Are All Biafrans, written by Chido Onumah. Designed as ...  Article photo
Chidi Ezeukwu:
The Cumulative Effect of Selfishness
There was once a king who was preparing to celebrate his silver jubilee. He summoned his subjects throughout his kingdom and said to them, “Please I need your help. It will soon be 25 years since I ascended the throne of my forefathers. I want you all ...
Naija Dailies Blogger:
Racism and Tribalism are Evil (Watch)
A white family arrived at a hospital for a follow-up appointment after their young daughter underwent a bone-marrow transplant. They found a dark-skinned man at the waiting room whom they despised and would not sit anywhere near him. However, they were ...
Naija Dailies Blogger:
9 Months of God's Wonder in a Woman's Womb
A 3D Virtualization of baby development in the womb from conception to 9 months. Abortion is a crime against God and humanity. Please do not kill this precious gift from the Creator.
Naija Dailies Blogger:
Beautiful Ways, Wonderful Ways of God
Jack was an ardent and practising Christian, he was really a righteous man in the true sense of it. He was also a very successful businessman, one of a kind in his country. God never for once denied him anything he asked for in prayer. At the age of 60, ...

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