The Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) has released its mid-year report for January to June 2014. The report shows how Nigeria's wealth is distributed amongst the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory. We have broken it down according to six geopolitical zones and states so that common people like us can see how we fared and judge for ourselves.

Here are some hard facts:

1. South South zone took the lion share with more than the allocations of both South East and South West combined. North West is in distant second.

2. South East has the smallest allocation and is the only zone with a single digit percentage of the total allocation.

3. Akwa Ibom state got the biggest allocation of 135.84 billion naira.

4. Osun state got the smallest allocation of 19.61 billion naira.

Hopefully, your own state got its fair share of the national cake!

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