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Dubai Police Start Training on Flying Motorbikes
Colossus Gists  - If you're not a member of the force and have a spare $150,000, the hoverbike could still be yours. Orders are open for civilians, but Segura-Conn cautions buyers are screened to ensure they can handle the new tech. In the US, the hoverbike has met Federal Aviation Administration guidelines which mean you do not need a pilot's license to fly the vehicle.

Tim Robinson, editor-in-chief of Aerospace magazine, described the vehicle as "pretty limited" when it came to potential police work, but did not pour cold water on the hoverbike, adding it "looks bags of fun."

He explained that eVTOLs are limited by current battery technology, but said advances -- particularly in battery energy density, and introducing new materials like graphene -- could increase flight times in the future.

Both Hoversurf and Dubai

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