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Russia issues Cyprus warning over US military buildup in their island
Evolutional Blogs  - Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said they will take responsive measures should incase Cyprus allows US military build-up in their Island.

Zakharov stated that US is taking actions to ensure the possibility of building up its military presence in Cyprus.

Such activity is aimed at countering “the growing Russian influence in the region in light of the successful implementation of the operation of the Russian Aerospace Force in Syria,” the spokeswoman as said.

The further militarization of the island and its involvement in the implementation of American and NATO plans “will inevitably lead to dangerous and destabilizing consequences for Cyprus itself,” Zakharova noted.

“Moscow cannot but take into consideration the anti-Russian background of these schemes.

We will have to take response measures in case of their implementation,” she added.

Submitted 12 days ago by Okeke Henry
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